Most of the time, as your car operates, you don’t notice the exhaust that is coming from the tailpipe of your vehicle. When it starts to turn different colors you may see it though. Depending on the color coming from the pipe, it can mean issues ranging from severe to insignificant. Roadrunner 24Hr Roadside Assistance is here to talk about what the different colored exhaust can mean for your vehicle when you notice that the exhaust has changed color.

Blue Smoke from Exhaust

If you notice that the exhaust from your tailpipe has a blue hue to it, you could be dealing with an oil leak. When oil from the combustion chamber mixes with fuel, it gives off a blue color to the exhaust. When the exhaust is blue as you accelerate, it could also be a problem with your pistons rings. Usually blue smoke out of your tailpipe isn’t something that puts you in immediate risk of a breakdown, but should be looked at when you get a chance.

What Does Black Exhaust Smoke Mean?

There are many issues with your vehicle that can cause black exhaust. Most of the potential problems aren’t as dire as it may seem though. A lot of the time, black smoke is indicative of decreased fuel economy. This means that your vehicle is burning more fuel than it actually needs to. You could also be dealing with problems like a dirty air filter, a fuel injection system that isn’t properly working or a blocked manifold. The issues that come with black smoke shouldn’t be ignored as you could be dealing with an issue that could cause your vehicle to break down.

Grey Smoke from Exhaust on Startup?

Like black smoke, grey exhaust is usually indicative of a problem. Usually persistent grey smoke is much more concerning that black smoke is. In fact, if you see grey smoke coming from your exhaust pipe, you need to stop driving your vehicle and have it towed to the nearest mechanic. Some of the common problems that come with this sign are an internal leaking head gasket, damaged engine block or a cracked cylinder head. If it is a problem with a leaking gasket it is important that you aren’t driving. This problem means that there is coolant leaking into the combustion chamber where it evaporates and disappears. If your vehicle were to run out of this liquid, it will cause your engine to overheat and a multitude of other issues.

White Smoke from Exhaust Pipe

If you are noticing white exhaust in the morning on a cold day, this is completely normal. As the vehicle heats up, that exhaust should all but disappear. However, if it doesn’t, you could be dealing with a bigger problem like a broken fuel pump or other issues.

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