When you go out to your car to leave for work you don’t want to find out that your car does not start. A car that does not start can really ruin your day. The car is something that we all depend on. You want to be able to get in and meet your appointments on time as well as make it to work, school and run your errands like grocery shopping. The great thing about your car is that it often times will alert you that there is something that needs your attention. When you are getting low on gas a light will come on near the gauge and let you know that it is time to head to the gas station. You know that if you don’t after the gas runs all the way out you will be stranded on the side of the road. The same goes for other parts of your vehicle. If you overlook problems and signs that your car is giving you be prepared to be left on the roadside in need of assistance. When it comes to the car starting the car battery plays a huge role and you want to keep an eye on signs that it is time to replace it.

Emergency Roadrunner24Hr Roadside Assistance Lists Signs Your Car Battery is Dying

Corrosion on Car Battery: When you want to decide if you need a new battery you can look at the actual battery itself. The battery that you have in your car is under the hood and is often accessible when you pop the hood. The battery can be looked at and you should regularly so that you can determine if there are large amounts of corrosion. The corrosion is from the battery and will be around the posts and the cables that are used to finish the circuit of energy. You can start to see the buildup and this is often a sign that you need to replace the battery. The corrosion will prevent the cables from making a firm connection and over time it will stop the connection meaning your car will not start. Be sure that the battery is cleaned and the connections as well.
Car Turns Over But Struggles to Start: The next thing that you need to stay aware of when checking on your batteries health is if your car is staring properly. The battery should have enough energy to turn over the engine and start the car with ease. When you start to notice that you have to keep the key cranked longer it can be from the battery. The battery may not be charging all the way up and that is why it will take more time for the car to start. You want to be sure that if this is happening you have your battery checked.
Engine Warning Lights: Lastly the lights on your dash are a great way to know when there is a problem with your car. There is often a light that will come on that looks like a battery and that means that you need to have your battery inspected. If this light comes on you want to make sure that you keep the car running until you are in a place you can change out the battery. If you turn off the car the engine may not turn back on.

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